Sie hat Wurzeln im Iran und lebt in Berlin: Die Sängerin Dena Zarrin des neuen Trios Madanii. Am Sonntag ist sie live zu Gast bei Unsigned.

by Chiara Mila Jason VERBWIDEWEB

by Chiara Mila Jason VERBWIDEWEB

Aus der Band-Bio: MADANII is the Berlin based Iranian-German singer Dena Zarrin. Under her mothers maiden name she combines elements of Pop, RnB, Trap and Electronic Music, topped off with sounds of the Persian music world. The dark and organic songs often deal with political and socio-critical topics that arise from her background and surrounding world: DO I LOOK DANGREROUS 2 U? is the title of her forthcoming debut EP. 

MADANII plays with concepts of what the Western world deems “conventional” or “foreign” and serves an artistic synthesis in which you can lose yourself in on various levels.

Interview bei Unsigned.

Sonntag, 14. Jan 2018, 18:00 auf Radio Fritz.